Every Survival Kit Should Have An Emergency Radio

Most of the time when you are in an emergency situation you have no link to the outside world. You don’t know if it’s just your immediate area that’s been hit, cell phones don’t work and you can’t get any directions from civil authorities. You won’t know where to go for help unless you have some contact with the outside world. If the power goes out and you need to evacuate, will you even know what to do or where to go without outside communication? It’s hard to believe but even today the most reliable form of communication is a radio!Radios have been the main source of information in times of crisis because the radio waves are consistent and do not require the kind of power that other communication sources do. Emergency radios can provide you with the information you need to make the best choices for yourself and your family. In many cases, a radio may also be your only source of entertainment. During stressful times, music and radio talk shows can provide a outlet for your family that will help relieve stress and keep your mind off of the situation at hand.You need to have as part of your emergency preparedness kits a hand crank/solar powered radio. These radios generate their own electricity by simply using a crank or the energy from the sun to power them. People have often learned the hard way that sometimes you just don’t always have fresh batteries for your radio. When it’s your only link to the outside world, these batteries are going to burn out quickly. Having a radio that you do not have to worry about supplying with power can save your life.Many of these radios can have regular alkaline batteries and electrical AC/DC adapters to augment them as a power source and for charging the built-in (NiMH) rechargeable battery pack. Likewise they will have alternative lighting options built- in such as flashlights. AM/FM radios are fairly standard, but a more complete package will also include shortwave and NOAA capability.Shortwave radio is a method of enabling world-wide transmission and reception of information. A shortwave radio can receive radio transmission on frequencies between 3 and 30 MHz. It is part of the area on your dial between the AM and FM bands. The main characteristic of these frequencies is their ability to travel long distances as they are reflected back to Earth from the ionosphere. This allows communication around the curve of the Earth making possible world-wide communications. You can hear news and other programs from a wide range of sources, and get emergency information by listening to amateur radio broadcasts from ham operators around the world. Many countries broadcast to the world in English, making it easier to find out what a given country’s position is on things that it finds important.A weather alert radio has features that can be set to automatically receive NWR warnings. NOAA stands for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts National Weather Service warnings, watches and forecasts 24 hours a day. It’s an all hazards network that also broadcasts alerts of non-weather emergencies such as national security, natural, environmental, and public safety. NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards transmitters broadcast on one of seven VHF frequencies from 162.400 MHz to 162.550 MHz. These broadcasts cannot be heard on a simple AM/FM radio receiver.

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A New World Currency Without a Federal Reserve System

The Federal Reserve System was introduced in the United States of America in 1913. The system was established to address few issues faced by the financial sector of the government prior to the establishment of the system. However, the operation of the system is based upon an ever-increasing debt model. Under this system, currency is made out of nothing. All currency created through this system is supplied to the public with a certain amount of interest attached to it. All the principal currency and debt in the form of tax are to be resettled to the Federal Reserve System. Since the government cannot make new money to settle the debt, the government has to borrow more money from the system. As the model requires paying debt on all money that was ever created, the debt will be ever-increasing. Unless this system collapses, there will be no way of settling the debt. Each time the debt reaches the limited magnitude, the debt limit is lifted to a higher magnitude as a temporary solution. This has been happening ever since the system was in place.Most world leaders have shown their interest of having a currency that is common to the world. Since the US Dollar is the world reserve currency, the system that creates the US Dollar affects the entire world economy. If there would be a one world currency, then the Federal Reserve System would not affect the entire economy of the world. As per the current financial processing, trades of all currencies are done by purchasing the US Dollar first. If there would be a common currency for the world, it will eliminate a number of issues in the current financial systems.Foreign currency exchange market is the largest by volume of trade in the world. It is estimated that in the year 2015, more than 5.8 trillion US Dollars are traded every single day in this market. The entire foreign currency exchange market relies on the concept of the world reserve currency. If there was not a world reserve currency, and there was a common currency for the world, then the foreign currency exchange market would not exist.There are a number of issues in establishing and practicing a world currency. It is similar to the establishment of Euro in the initial member states of the European Union. The currency values of the nations should be exchanged into the new world currency in order to begin using the new currency. This is a hard but a possible part.There should be a central organization that monitors the monetary policy. The concept of banking cannot be incorporated into the new world currency system because it will follow the current system. There has to be a control mechanism where a new organization is in charge. The new organization should not borrow money from any other institution, and it should not lend money to any other financial institution. There are approximately 15,000 banks and credit units all over the world. All of these institutions have different numbers of branches. All of this should be covered by the new monitoring institution. There have to be branches all over the world to cover the same operation as the currently existing financial institutions.This would mean the end of private banking sector. If the reserve system is not to operate, then there will be no interest added to deposits. There will also be no interest due for loans. There has to be a regulation to lending money to people. In fact, such a system cannot operate before a one world government is in place. If the different regions of the world had different financial policies, then the control of the new currency would be very difficult. To begin using such a currency, the financial policy should be unanimous all over the world.If a one world government is in place, then the government should be able to provide all the citizens with basic needs of life. There cannot be private institutions that can control the money. No private institution should be allowed to lend money to anyone. No one should be allowed to borrow money from anyone other than the new world currency control institution. It is a far more complex process. The current system wouldn’t migrate immediately towards a one world currency. Even if it did, the value of properties and goods will have to be calculated and maintained in terms of the new world currency. It will be much difficult to compare prices of similar goods in different locations of the world.A car would be less valued in a location where cars are manufactured. In the new system, the same car should be sold or held at the same value all over the world. So the initial valuation of properties will create a greater difference in values of similar products in different locations. This might cause public uneasiness. People might not agree to such a system thinking that their property values will get lower in such a system.Private banks and institutions will lose control of the money. Most institutions will lose the means through which they make profit. Naturally the owners of private financial institutions will not agree to such changes. Corporate businesses and individuals who are earning their profits mainly through marketing will lose their profits. If a particular product is sold at the same price all over the world, then the profits made marketing will not be there. This will create a bigger impact on marketing firms. The owners of marketing firms will not like the idea too.If such a new system comes to pass, then the wages of similar professions all over the world will have to be the same. A physician in one end of the world will get the same wage as the physician at the other end of the world. The poor regions of the world will no longer be poor. If the new system comes in, then people will not need to migrate from region to region just to do the same job but with higher wages.The original manufacturers like farmers and fishermen will get the maximum benefit. Their products will be bought at uniform prices all over the world. The system will not allow big businesses to sell the products at much higher prices in some other location of the world. The least earning people of the world are the ones doing labor work or using their physical stamina to do work. These are the people who spend much of their time and energy to provide for all the other people in the world. These people will naturally earn much money than other people in the new system.It is a very hopeful system but not an easy to establish system. Majority of the world has to agree to such a system. All the people should be willing to migrate into the new system at once. If only few parts of the world would operate under such system, it wouldn’t work properly. The political, social, economic and religious sectors of the world should first migrate into a one world concept. Only after that could a system like one world currency be established.

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Dental Case Acceptance and Education

Many dentists are becoming familiar with the term, “Dental IQ.” They are realizing it has somewhat of a monetary barrier. It has been determined that dental work costing less than $3500 is usually acceptable by a patient; however, amounts exceeding $3500 may be declined by the patient. This is where the dental knowledge comes into play with dental case acceptance.Once the patient has entered the dental office a dentist can be fairly certain s/he has a long-term patient. Each dentist has his/her own way of presenting their diagnosis to each patient. In most situations, once the dentist knows the patient the presentation will vary from one patient to another. Still, the bottom line is the fact that the diagnosis must be presented to each patient in whatever manner the dentist determines is necessary.One assumption some dentists makes it that the patient will listen to the diagnosis and then follow the treatment plan the dentist suggests. It is assumed that a patient will base the decision to have the work completed based on what may happen in the future if the treatment plan is not followed. The issue here is the fact that the dentist may assume the work will be done simply on his/her recommendation. This assumption leaves out key components of the patients’ life such as the patient not having the money, no dental insurance, fear, or other factors that contribute to the patients’ decision.It has been determined that most patients will agree to a plan of $3500 or less. This amount of money will not present too many inconveniences or hardships in comparison to what might happen down the road should the work not be completed. However, once the bill tips over $3500 this reduces the odds the patient will comply with the treatment plan – instead stalling or postponing the treatment or even choosing to go to another dentist.The dentist, therefore, needs to gather some information and learn more about each of his/her patients. It is important to understand, upfront, the concerns the patients has. It is important to know the patient’s situation in regards to finances and if there is dental insurance. This will, in the end, save time for everyone involved.Other factors the dentist needs to know and understand include evaluating how dentist treatment fits into the life of the patient. Will expensive treatments be an inconvenience or cause problems. What are the financial abilities of the patient as well as the health problems? More information, more personal, such as a newly divorced or a newly married patient, a newborn in the family, a new job each of these plays a role in what a patient might be able to afford.Once this information has been accumulated the compilation is referred to as the “fit factors.” Basically, this simply involves the dentist getting to know and understand each patient as well as understand their living situation. Once this data is collected it allows a dentist to meet the needs of each patient.

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